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Little Shop of Horrors Reviews
Here you will find a collection of various reviews
of Trisha's performance in Little Shop of Horrors.
Click any of the publications to view the full article in a new page.

reviewed on November 7, 2003 by Joh Garcia
     Carla J. Hargrove, Trisha Jeffrey, and DeQuina Moore tear the roof off the Virginia with their power lungs. These three gorgeous girls sing with sheer beauty and vocal force that was met with thunderous applause each time they sang.
     This Motown Greek chorus of three also had hilarious comic scenes that added another layer of perfection to their performances. They are the sound and the strength behind many of the songs, and they are flawless!
     Examples of these include "Little Shop of Horrors," "Da-Doo," "Git It," "Suddenly Seymour," "The Meek Shall Inherit," and "Don’t Feed the Plants."

December 5, 2003, Volume CXXX, Number 21, by Celia Wren
... DeQuina Moore, Trisha Jeffrey, and Carla J. Hargrove, as the street urchins who serve as a sort of dancing, doo-wop Greek chorus, are sensational.

Flash Broadway Journal Encores: "Never Gonna Dance" Does, and How; Audrey II All Over Again
By Susan Yung, December 9, 2003
... [The dances Kathleen Marshall] choreographed, mainly for the fictional Ronnettes (the irrepressible DeQuina Moore, Trisha Jeffrey, and Carla J. Hargrove) added an incisive spunkiness and verve to the proceedings.  This Greek chorus trio bopped, gestured, and mugged in their spiced up schoolgirl kilts while belting out the music.

Reviewed by Michael Partch
... the black, streetsmart girl group of pop Greek chorus commentators that the script calls the urchins is ... foolproof in the hands of DeQuina Moore, Trisha Jeffrey, and Carla J. Hargrove.

Reviewed by David Finkle on October 3, 2003
Snapping their fingers and swaying their hips to Kathleen Marshall's spare but on-the-mark choreography, Hargrove, Jeffrey, and Moore sing and act their roles with jubilant malice.

Reviewed by Karu F. Daniels, May 6, 2004
Michael-Leon Wooley as the Voice of Audrey II, Carla J. Hargrove as Ronnette, Trisha Jeffrey as Crystal, and DeQuina Moore as Chiffon round out the casting and fills the bottom out with their soulful harmonizing.

by Simon Saltzman on November 11, 2003
DeQuina Moore, Trisha Jeffrey, and Carla J. Hargrove are delicious as the perky girl-group and urchins that sing those tight vocal arrangements...

By Russell Bouthiller on October 15, 2003
DeQuina Moore, Trisha Jeffrey and Carla J. Hargrove sparkle as the Greek chorus trio Chiffon, Crystal, and Ronnette respectively.

'Horrors' still feeds us digestibly raw fun
by Linda Winer on October 3, 2003
... pitch-perfect girl-group - DeQuina Moore, Trisha Jeffrey, and Carla J. Hargrove

November 16, 2003 by Steven Suskin
The Skid Row trio (DeQuina Moore, Trisha Jeffrey and Carla J. Hargrove) ... add to the genial spirits of this recording.


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