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Reviews for Caroline, or Change

Here's what the critics had to say about Trisha's newest show!
Featured are reviews from the following sources: DC Theatre Reviews, Talkin' Broadway (Regional DC),, The Washington Times, The Washington Post, The Washingtonian Online, MetroWeekly, Potomac Stages, and

Debbie Minter Jackson for DC Theatre Reviews
  • "Caroline, or Change at Studio Theatre is a musical wonder"
  • "...her spirited daughter (excellent work by Trisha Jeffrey)..."

Also featured on this site is a fantastic podcast interview over ten minutes long! This was an interview conducted by Mr. Joel Markowitz as he led the group The Ushers to Caroline, or Change. (Please visit The Ushers' Site here.)

Here are some quotes from the podcast interview:

  • From Mr. Bruce Markowitz:
       (At 4:21 into the interview): "The dancing was great ... great dancers, great singers ... Caroline [played by Julia Nixon], has an absolutely marvelous voice, as does her daughter ["Emmie," played by Trisha Jeffrey], so we enjoyed it."
  • From Mr. Gary McMillan:
       (At 4:53): "Lightning certainly struck twice with producers finding the perfect "Caroline"."
       (At 5:27): "The supporting cast for the Studio production is marvelous."
  • From Steve:
       (At 7:29): "...this is really a high-quality production ... you'll love the music."
  • Uncredited/Anonymous:
       (At 9:44): "I was very, very privileged to have seen this theatre’s excellent production of [Caroline, or Change]. It’s very moving, beautifully written, perfectly cast ... and everyone perfectly suited to the role. ... It’s everything great theatre should be."

To listen to the interview for yourself, please click the link above for the review, or click here.

**Special Thanks to Mr. Ronnie Ruff, Editor, of DC Theatre Reviews, for allowing Trisha Jeffrey Fans Online to use the information presented.




Susan Berlin for Talkin' Broadway Regional
  • "The entire cast is strong and works as an ensemble, but special mention should go to Otts Laupus as Rose's father, an unrepentant socialist, and Trisha Jeffrey as Caroline's outspoken daughter. Their scene together strikes sparks."




originally published May 22, 2006
  • "Bolstered by two stunning lead performances the production also beautifully showcases one of the best theatrical scores of the last 25 years."
  • "Jeffrey’s warmth, humor and defiant passion make her a fine foil to Nixon’s brooding Caroline. The actress convincingly channels the restlessly rebellious and independent spirit that makes Emmie long for her own car almost as much as racial equality. She also has great stage presence and a piercingly attractive voice—both of which she displays in the charming first-act finale number “Roosevelt Petrucius Coleslaw.”




originally published May 26, 2006
  • refers to Trisha as "a breezy, invigorating presence"

NOTE: Due to very strict (and costly) copyright rules and regulations, no more excerpts of the article appear on this site. However, the article does appear in full here, and does mention a little more about Trisha's performance.




originally published May 23, 2006, Page C01
  • "In surprising, twisting rivers of melody, the boy, the maid, their friends and families give plaintive, wrathful, soulful voice to the rising discord of a turbulent time."
  • "...the excellent Trisha Jeffrey."




Susan Davidson for the Washingtonian
Review originally published June 2006
Show given 4 stars (outstanding) of 4 possible
  • "Trisha Jeffrey as Emmie, the youngest of Caroline’s two children and the voice of the future, evinces strength and vulnerability in equal measure."
  • "Few theatrical evenings compare to Caroline, or Change. It is just that good."




Jolene Munch - Civil Service
originally published June 1, 2006
  • "Trisha Jeffrey is Caroline's ambitious daughter Emmie, a representative of those who chose to combat racism with an attitude of non-violence and peaceful protest."
  • "Both [Kelly J. Rucker, who plays Dotty, and Trisha] are gifts to Studio's sparkling production."




Potomac Stages
Review published May 21, 2006
  • "There are fine performances from Trisha Jeffrey as Caroline's teenage daughter, Bobby Smith as the clarinet playing father of the house and most particularly from Elmore James whose deep blues bass fills the Methany Theatre with glorious sound without the aid of artificial amplification."




Lisa Traiger - Black maid stands at center
of Southern Jewish family Civil rights era
  • "It's Caroline, archetypical as a black maid with a magical sensibility to heal her young charge, who stands at the soulful center of this work, stuck though she is in a wash-and-spin cycle while her own children, particularly outspoken daughter Emmie (the vivacious Trisha Jeffrey), ache for more than separate and unequal."

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